The Unsustainable Oil Price

Source: © FalaraSource: © Falara

The definition of “unsustainable,” according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a situation which cannot be maintained at its current rate or level. Unsustainable is also the best way to characterize the oil price when it is near $US 30/B—a situation […]

The Big Themes for Canadian Oil and Gas in 2016

Source: © ForgissSource: © Forgiss

This commentary was originally published in the Petroleum Economist’s Outlook 2016. This version has been modified from the original publication, in order to account for the most recent information. Gazing into the horizon to predict the future is always hazardous; […]

The Long and Short of Oil Price

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US benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil hit a new low on Monday morning, trading under $US 35/B. Meanwhile, Brent crude oil was trading just above $US 36/B in international markets.  More than a year into this downturn, these […]

North American Natural Gas: Tallying Up the Bullish and Bearish Records

Photo: ARC FinancialPhoto: ARC Financial

North American natural gas markets are having a record breaking year. While some of the new (and potentially new) records are bullish, there are also several bears. Let’s look at a list of this year’s new records, so that we […]

It’s a Price War…Still

Oil pump jacks in the Middle East. 
Source: © TyphoonskiOil pump jacks in the Middle East. Source: © Typhoonski

Many people ask me, “Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia cut production to help boost prices?” I almost always pause, knowing there isn’t a quick black-and-white answer. So hedging my knowledge, I reply, “While anything is possible, the likelihood of a cut […]

Liberal Win: Possibility for Constructive Change in the Canadian Oil Patch

Photo: ARC FinancialPhoto: ARC Financial

Canadians have spoken for change. After nearly ten years of Conservative rule under Alberta’s Stephen Harper, Canadians voted in a majority rule Liberal government last night, headed by Justin Trudeau.